Latest in Day: May 12, 2021 Highlight

Latest in Day: May 12, 2021


Nuweiba: Egypt’s paradise of serenity

Nuweiba, 476km from Cairo, is a perfect fit for someone who is travelling on a budget. In the area between Nuweiba and Taba lies Ras Shitan, where you can find modest beach camps along the shore. These camps are beacons of simplicity, only having the bear minimum in terms of luxury, yet they provide the ultimate experience if you just want to relax on the beach with a book and tan, live an underwater diving fantasy in the Red Sea, or explore a hiking trail with breath-taking views

Mohamed Samir

Dr Ayman Aboul Ella

Opinion| Egypt and Human Rights

It is noted that the declaration’s articles, which are one of the main guidelines in establishing freedoms in one of the most important documents known to human beings and agreed upon on human rights, has put the right to life at the forefront of the rights that human beings should enjoy.

Dr Ayman Aboul Ella

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