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The Design Show brings talented architects, builders under one roof

Exhibition offers smart home facilities that allow homeowners complete control of at-home environment

One of the finest arenas for design and architectural innovations, The Design Show, took place at the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center in Nasr City from 3 to 5 June 2021.

The Design Show is an event which provides participants with the privilege of meeting talented architects, builders, planners, and architectural technologists face-to-face and under one roof. It serves as an event that covers the latest innovations in space designs, architecture, furnishing, and fitting solutions.

Daily News Egypt took a peek at some of the most creative designers and technological companies in the field of interior and exterior designs.

Offering smart solutions for every building

Offering smart home facilities, Smart Engineering Solutions (SES), affiliated with the Electron Company, uses the KNS operating system to control every electronic device in the house.

SES offers surveillance cameras and advanced security systems which work with a correction action. For example, if the user installs a gas sensor, and there is a leakage, the home system would cut off the gas pipe, SES Country Manager Ahmed Mekawy told Daily News Egypt.

The smart home system will also help people to reduce their energy consumption by 30%, by avoiding any human mistakes as the sensors will close any lights and devices are not used.

The sensor is also able to sense how many people are in one room using a heat detector. This helps the system adjust the air conditioning and lighting according to the number of people in one room.

Carbon Dioxide in the room is also measurable using the sensor, and once the amount rises higher than the average, the system will open the doors and windows to let fresh air in.

The system can also be customised for personal use – for example, it can be adjusted to play music in the house at a certain time, or switch on the coffee machine in the morning.

The system is user-friendly and can be accessed through any mobile, smart television, or computer via a good internet connection. It can be installed in any home or company by wireless or wire systems.

It can be controlled by one person who is the main resident in the house, and who acts as the supervisor for the total environment of the house. Control over the environment in certain rooms can be controlled by a certain person, with the total control of the house available for everybody.

The security system has surveillance cameras which can take pictures of any unwelcome entrant to the house. There is also an active camera which can take care of certain actions, such as setting an alarm and closing doors to catch a thief if nobody is inside the home. It can also call for security guards in residential areas.

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