Latest in Day: July 29, 2021 Highlight

Latest in Day: July 29, 2021


Thanaweyya Amma Dynamics exam leaked on social media: Education Ministry

Egypt’s Ministry of Education and Technical Education has revealed that some social media accounts circulated questions from Wednesday’s Dynamics exam in the Thanaweyya Amma (high school-leaving). The ministry has tracked a student in Qena governorate who was involved in leaking the exam. It has also detected three cases of cheating in the Dynamics exam, including …

Shaimaa Raafat

Manzzeli penetrates e-commerce furniture market, plans to export by 2024

Its penetration into online furniture sales proved very popular, especially among category A users. However, with the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the demand for buying furniture and home accessories across the platform has increased significantly. It increased to the extent that it began to attract the interests of the middle classes as well.

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

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