Latest in Day: August 4, 2021 Highlight

Latest in Day: August 4, 2021

Opinion| US-China relations between Trump’s arrogance and Biden’s maneuvers

Indeed, the Chinese news agency reported that the dialogue is most welcome and is expected to lead to tangible progress. But at the same time, the agency stressed that to make the talks between the two sides fruitful, the US side must stop demonizing China and work with China to put in place a set of protective barriers for the long-term development between the two countries.

Marwa El- Shinawy

Dr Hatem Sadiq, Professor at Helwan University on the Gulf reconciliation

Opinion| Egypt and Turkish ambitions

Ankara is making many attempts to restore relations with Cairo, as Erdogan takes advantage of any occasion to talk about Egypt and its people with love and affection, sending visible and hidden messages that he wishes for the return of friendly relations between the two countries.  However, Cairo has a completely different opinion. Egypt does …

Dr. Hatem Sadek

Toyota Egypt

Toyota Egypt launches digital transformation agenda via partnership with SAP

Toyota Egypt Group, the sole distributor for Toyota Motor Corporation products and one of Egypt’s largest automotive distributors, has recently announced a digital transformation partnership with global technology company SAP; to drive new levels of customer experiences. “As Egypt’s automotive market kicks into high-gear after the pandemic, customers expect automotive dealers to fully integrate sales, …

Daily News Egypt

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