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Challenges related to COVID-19, climate change require creativity in decision making process: Al-Sisi - Daily News Egypt

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Challenges related to COVID-19, climate change require creativity in decision making process: Al-Sisi

Green economy has become urgent need, topping world governments' priorities: Egyptian President

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has said that humanity is experiencing the most difficult period of the present time, as it faces numerous challenges represented in the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

“This  imposes a new reality that requires creativity in the decision making process, and more awareness with regard to the potential dangers, as well as a balanced approach based on joint action to achieve sustainable development and fulfil the aspirations of the peoples of the world,” Al-Sisi added.

His remarks came during a video message to the Egypt International Cooperation Forum (Egypt-ICF) in its first edition, which started its activities on Wednesday and will last for two days.

Al-Sisi mentioned that the green economy has become an urgent need, coming at the top of the world governments’ priorities in the present time.

He noted that the world must not overlook the economic and social conditions of emerging and developing countries, which have been hardest hit by the pandemic, which could hamper their ability to keep up with the green recovery process.

Al-Sisi said that this situation requires the international community and financial institutions to help emerging economies achieve the coveted goals of this ambitious agenda.

He noted that governments alone cannot make the green recovery possible, as the private sector has a pivotal role to play, in order to achieve a sustainable future. Therefore, governments aim to enhance the private sector’s participation in various development fields in tandem with the sound employment of technology and digital transformation to achieve the coveted economic and social development of the entire world.

The President mentioned that Egypt was at the forefront of the countries which developed a long-term strategic plan to achieve sustainable development by 2030 based on national priorities and principles.

“In this regard, the environmental dimension was deemed as a fundamental pillar in the development process. Preserving natural resources and achieving sustainable development would protect the rights of coming generations to decent life,” Al-Sisistated.

He said that the development goals of Egypt’s Vision 2030 come in alignment with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Africa 2063 Development Agenda, to bolster the values of joint action and multilateral cooperation, to support development efforts in various countries.

The President underscored the importance of achieving African integration by invigorating the executive mechanisms of the African Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), stating that this agreement is considered an important axis in the deliberations in Egypt-ICF.

He added that CFTA constitutes a momentum to move toward enhancing integration and amalgamation among the African continent countries. Al-Sisi stressed that the African continent has huge opportunities to assume a key role in the future of the global economy.

“We have succeeded over the past years, to push forward the development efforts in a multitude of  sectors through carrying out mega infrastructure projects, providing social protection programmes, boosting investments in human capital, and taking effective measures toward the transition to a green economy to promote the life of the Egyptian citizens,” the President said.

Al-Sisi mentioned that these efforts have been lauded in numerous reports by international institutions.

“Egypt welcomes the firm cooperation with international financial institutions and UN agencies to enhance development efforts,” he added.

Finally, Al-Sisi expressed his sincere wishes that the Egypt-ICF be a fruitful conference and contribute to supporting international efforts to achieve sustainable development goals. 

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