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Ahmed El Goarany is an Egyptian, movie blogger, aspiring filmmaker and a pharmacist

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Not all novels are meant for TV: La Totfe Al Shams

La Totfe Al Shams is one of the most discussed and talked about Egyptian TV series this Ramadan. The series is an adaptation of Ihsan Abdel Quddous’ hugely successful novel that had already been turned into a hit feature film in 1961. Although it is very intriguing to start comparing the series’ casting choices, performances, …

Ahmed El Goarany

30 Youm: a worthy thriller, or a waste of time?

When it is estimated that there are more than 37 new Egyptian TV series released, one has to be picky when deciding which of them to give their time to. Usually, people decide which series they should watch based on the cast (an actor who they know always chooses the right scripts to play, a …

Ahmed El Goarany

Suicide Squad marks the suicide of superhero movies

  Long gone are the days when Hollywood could produce a decent summer blockbuster that is not a superhero movie or part of a movie franchise. As of 2016, Marvel is the studio that currently dominates this field, with at least two wide releases every year for four years now. Since 2008, when Marvel decided …

Ahmed El Goarany

Grand Hotel: a journey through time

One of the most talked about drama series this Ramadan is Grand Hotel, a show based on a Spanish series bearing the same name. Taking place in the 1950s, the show follows the story of Ali and his quest to solve the mystery of his missing sister who worked at the notorious Grand Hotel in …

Ahmed El Goarany

Batman v Superman v the audience

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was hailed as the most anticipated movie of 2016 on nearly every film discussion platform in existence. This was an expected result from a film bearing two title characters with huge fan bases. Moreover, while the two characters are supposed to be allies in the comic world, to everyone’s …

Ahmed El Goarany

‘Theeb’: The return of Arab cinema

I cannot remember the last time I watched an Arab film and emerged as impressed with the quality of it as I am with that of the Jordanian production “Theeb”. “Theeb” was the Jordanian nominee for the Academy Award for Best Film in a Foreign Language for 2016 and the winner of the BAFTA Award …

Ahmed El Goarany

Review: ‘12 Years a Slave’

The movie “12 Years a Slave” may be Steve McQueen’s most Hollywood friendly and least symbolic to date but he has certainly created yet another masterpiece, as heart wrenching as “Hunger” and as emotionally aching as “Shame”. Although 12 Years a Slave has the most eventful plot of his movies, McQueen still manages to showcase …

Ahmed El Goarany

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