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The pools form the InterContinental Resort

The greens of Taba Heights

Taba Heights’ championship golf course recently hosted the annual Pro Am Invitational Golf Tournament. Daily News Egypt went to have a look

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The Cairo International Film Festival postpones opening to Wednesday because of mass protests Courtesy of the Cairo International Film Festival Facebook page

CIFF postpones opening night

With the festival coinciding with a growing unrest in the country and opening on the same day as proposed political rallies, CIFF issued several statements before making the decision to postpone the opening ceremony altogether.

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Men don’t cry

Egyptians are prone to touch each other during conversations and often call each other habibi, while dude seems to be as far as foreign men are willing to go.

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The ArtsMart team during a street show Courtsey of ArtsMart

Online gallery ArtsMart launched

“We had the idea in 2009 to create a space where up and coming artists could display their work, since it is hard to find galleries that will show work of young artists,” Mowafy said. “At the same time it is not easy for interested buyers to find affordable art; many people are looking to find something to hang on their wall but are not in the market to buy investment art.”

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Women picking cotton in rural Egypt

The white gold of Egypt

Egyptian cotton is renowned the world over for its quality. It is transformed into sumptuous bed sheets or into made to measure, button-down shirts and that are worn by the worlds rich and famous are sold in glittering high-end stores for small fortunes. The cotton starts much more humbly though and this time of year …

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Portrait of a man from Upper Egypt Sherif Karas

This is Egypt: Sherif Karas

Photography in Egypt is often seen as a means to a commercial end, disregarding the fact the people behind the camera are artists. This is Egypt, as seen by talented photographers.

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Screen grab from the pirate pay website

Mosireen receives full support

The social media offensive worked like a charm, because as the minutes ticked down the final count of the donations reached $40,415 which will guarantee that Mosireen will be able to continue their work for another year.

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