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The ArtsMart team during a street show Courtsey of ArtsMart

Online gallery ArtsMart launched

“We had the idea in 2009 to create a space where up and coming artists could display their work, since it is hard to find galleries that will show work of young artists,” Mowafy said. “At the same time it is not easy for interested buyers to find affordable art; many people are looking to find something to hang on their wall but are not in the market to buy investment art.”

Adel Heine

Women picking cotton in rural Egypt

The white gold of Egypt

Egyptian cotton is renowned the world over for its quality. It is transformed into sumptuous bed sheets or into made to measure, button-down shirts and that are worn by the worlds rich and famous are sold in glittering high-end stores for small fortunes. The cotton starts much more humbly though and this time of year …

Adel Heine

Portrait of a man from Upper Egypt Sherif Karas

This is Egypt: Sherif Karas

Photography in Egypt is often seen as a means to a commercial end, disregarding the fact the people behind the camera are artists. This is Egypt, as seen by talented photographers.

Adel Heine

Screen grab from the pirate pay website

Mosireen receives full support

The social media offensive worked like a charm, because as the minutes ticked down the final count of the donations reached $40,415 which will guarantee that Mosireen will be able to continue their work for another year.

Adel Heine

The floods of Cairo

The US may have captured the market on submergence this week, but I would have you know that Egypt can inundate with the best of them. From the ancient times, where the yearly rise of the Nile waters spelled either wealth or disaster, up to the present day, Cairo is regularly swamped by different currents. …

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Controversial Egyptian movie 678 wins several awards

The two international festivals are big in their own categories; the Cordoba festival is one of the biggest, independent African film festivals in Europe, while the Heartland Film Festival features international independent films and since its inception in 1992 has become one of the fastest growing festivals in the US.

Adel Heine

Selling on Cairo streets

With many people struggling to survive from one day to the next, the amount of vendors eking out an existence by trying to sell four pairs of shipship and seven white cotton T-shirts is increasing.

Adel Heine

License to punish

So, this morning as I packed my bag I added a few extra things to make sure we would have a productive day at work. Shears, scissors, assorted lengths of rope and of course a straight razor.

Adel Heine

The beautiful bags of Maklad Wali

“All of the linings we use are handmade to traditional Egyptian craftsmanship, which makes each bag unique,” Maklad said. “Some of these traditions are dying out, as the cotton-silk woven fabric, but we hope that by using it in our bags we can help keep this tradition alive.”

Adel Heine

Seeing red

The battikh and mangoes have nearly completely disappeared and have been replaced with shiny, bright red, juicy deliciousness that taste great in salads, sauces and soups.

Adel Heine

The Smart Luxury of Gc watches

Gc is the bridge between the cheaper watches and the very high end brands and our customers are the young, up and coming stars of tomorrow. Our timepieces are fashionable, very well made and still affordable; wearing one of our pieces says you are on your way, you have taken the first few hurdles on your path and you have had your first few successes in the field of your choice.

Adel Heine

Lambs to the slaughter

Earlier this week I looked up from Twitter to watch the pick of the day being dragged to the waiting butcher who was still sharpening his knife. Messages about the march to Maspero filled my timeline as the rest of the sheep did not even twist a tail as their fellow flock-mate was dragged to its end.

Adel Heine

Kids are the root of all evil

They go barefoot, are always smudgy and have the pleading look down pat, yet their eyes are 80 years old. They turn vicious if you decline their wares and insults and curses, shouted in small, shrill voices, will follow those who say no down the street.

Adel Heine

TransDance opens to high expectations

“The central idea of the festival is to explore our bodies as sites of documentation and considering using different art forms as documents,” Adham Hafez, the director of the festival said. “Why not use a performance, a sculpture, a film or installation as a means to document?”

Adel Heine

The cult of personality

A perfect example is Mona Eltahawy who was arrested in New York City a few days ago. In a carefully colour-coordinated attack of spray paint and raincoat on an offensive ad in the city’s subway, Eltahawy professed to be exercising her freedom of speech.

Adel Heine

An empty soapbox

I was all set to leap on my own soapbox. But as I was thinking of how I would heap my arrogant scorn on the heads of those I deem beneath contempt, my plans abruptly changed during my ride to work.

Adel Heine