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Mosalsalat 101

Ramadan for mosalsalat is rather like the gladiator arena of TV shows. Various studios compete viciously for actors and airtime 11 months of the year, filming furiously and petitioning for advertising revenue in preparation for a single 30-day period.

Ahmed Khalifa

Much-needed pampering at Le Capitol

Firstly, the rooftop breeze will hit your cracked desert skin almost instantaneously, as if you had suddenly been transported to crisp, cold, clear Switzerland. The heat? Gone. The humidity? Gone. The ever-present Cairo claustrophobia? Mostly gone.

Ahmed Khalifa

Ammonia leak leads to clashes in Damietta

Workers from the Misr Oil Processing Company fertiliser plant in Damietta clashed on Monday with protesting residents of the village of Sinaneya, leaving 28 wounded. The clashes occurred when workers in charge of securing volatile ammonia tanks within the factory left and did not respond to commands by security forces to return. Tensions caused by …

Ahmed Khalifa

The Gaming Hackathon starts in Cairo

Participants will neither rest nor sleep as they toil for three straight days to develop, and then upload a game onto the GameTaco site, where the games will then vie for dominance and prizes.

Ahmed Khalifa

Exclusive concert of NubaNour

Their repertoire has expanded from simple songs of love and nature to accommodate the terrible sorrow experienced by most Nubians, songs of nostalgia and songs that evoke memories of their past lives.

Ahmed Khalifa