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Egypt expects resumption of peace talks with new Israeli government

Egypt expects any newly formed Israeli government to engage directly in a political process that leads to the resumption of negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli authorities, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday. The ministry added in a statement that any Israeli government should act according to the internationally agreed on peace process and to the Arab peace initiative. This is in …

Aya Nader

China: Egypt’s advancement towards the East on the chessboard

A significant part of Egypt’s move towards the East to check Western influence is China. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi gave a speech before the Egyptian-Chinese Business Council in China late December, inviting Chinese investors and companies to actively participate in the Economic Summit. “This population is now inviting you to form a serious partnership and have …

Aya Nader

Conscript killed, 2 injured in Fayoum

Five separate attacks on security personnel occurred in Fayoum Friday, killing one and injuring two. Police conscript Hassan Abdel-Hakam, was killed during a drive-by shooting at a police checkpoint, with a 21-year-old conscript injured in the same attack, the Ministry of Interior said Saturday. Another conscript was injured in an attack on a police station in …

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