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EZ Food Egypt aims to utilise flotation and double exports

EZ Food Egypt aims to double its exports in 2017 to benefit from the exchange rate value and maintain the company’s capital following the negative effects of the flotation of the Egyptian pound The company’s chairperson, Mahmoud Khairy, said that they target achieving $1m worth of exports to the markets of Italy, Bangladesh, Spain, Malta, …

Amany Radwan

Abd El Wahab Sons aims to boost exports to 45,000 tonnes in 2017

Abd El Wahab Sons – Fresh Fruits & Vegetables aims to boost its exports to reach 45,000 tonnes this year, up from 25,000 tonnes last year—an increase of 80% The chairperson of the company, Khalid Abdelwahab, said that the company will sign more deals with farmers to stimulate exports, next to cultivating 1,000 feddans owned …

Amany Radwan

Olivee to establish new production lines for dates, artichoke this year

Olivee Co. for Production & Agricultural Manufacture S.A.E aims to achieve exports worth $23m by the end of 2017, compared to $19.5m during 2016. Ahmed Ismail, the export manager at Olivee, said the company is considering the establishment of new production lines for dates and artichokes by the end of this year to expand their export …

Amany Radwan

AgroTrade targets exports worth EGP 200m 

AgroTrade targets to import and export 23,000 tonnes of agricultural products worth EGP 200m in 2017. Omar El Mahdy, the CEO of AgroTrade, said that the company has increased its exported products of peas, onions, and potatoes. He added that the company targets to expand in a number of European markets, and the Dutch market …

Amany Radwan

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