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Spot the Gringo and win

A gringo wearing an authentic sombrero and a poncho will be roaming the streets, and whoever manages to find him wins a free burrito with any order made

Adham Roshdy

ArtBeat Festival: A cultural meeting point

The band was astonished by the Mansoura audience, who sang along with the German lyrics, without understanding what they were saying. “The audience was the best public I have ever played for,” said Max Gaier, vocalist.

Adham Roshdy

Jazz Mate: enhancing the music scene in Egypt

Pictures of icons hanging on a brick wall, sentimental tunes playing in the background, and a TV playing jazz concerts or documentaries complete the setting of JazzMate. The venue will have performances every Friday, although Mustafa said that they are seeking to host live music on a more frequent basis.

Adham Roshdy

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