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We are not like you

As soon as I heard about the sectarian events in Abu Qirqas in Minya several events popped into my mind. I looked them up in newspaper archives and have collected them as they are presented below. Quoted from Al-Masry Al-Youm on 6 February 2008: “Four of Al-Ahly fans are arrested and accused of burning a …

Ahmed Aboul-Wafa, MD

Shakespeare answers internet complaint calls

Imagination is one of the games that fulfil our desires. It also helps us escape reality. Imagination also has many other functions, including enhancing comparative thinking in order to know whether we are really doing what we want to do, and whether there was a better way to reach what we want. If you have …

Ahmed Aboul-Wafa, MD

When to visit a psychiatrist—Part three: what decisions are involved in psychiatric illness and care?

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard is considered one of the first proponents of existential philosophy, at least 100 years before Sartre. It can be attributed to simple luck that existentialism was linked to Sartre’s name, forgoing other philosophers. Kierkegaard can also be credited for a quote that was later deemed to be crucial in the …

Ahmed Aboul-Wafa, MD

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