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Comedians fumble, but entertain

There is hope for this group though, especially because they see themselves existing in a vacuum of the mostly comedy-less Cairo entertainment scene. It just takes more and more performances like the one on Monday before they become the real deal.

Connor Molloy

A real Chinese restaurant in Cairo

The restaurant is near Al-Azhar because the Uyghurs are the second largest population of Chinese Muslims. For years young religious Uyghur students have come to study at the Islamic university.

Connor Molloy

MPs back for only minutes, crowds gather at gates

On the first day of President Mohamed Morsy’s reinstated parliament, hundreds of people crowded the gates as parliamentarians came and went.  They were a deeply divided group, with around 200 Morsy supporters camped immediately outside the entrance, while another 40 who opposed the decision stood across the street bitterly looking on. Some politicians drove through …

Connor Molloy

Iran uses tricks to find oil buyers

In an effort to hobble the Iranian government, the EU joined the US this week in refusing to buy oil from the Islamic Republic. At the same time, the US will now penalise banks of any nation that make oil deals with Iran, with a few notable exceptions. The plan was announced at the beginning of …

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