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Consumer credit slightly increased in 2019 compared to late 2018: Trading Economics

According to Trading Economics-a leading tracker of 196 countries for more than 20m economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices-consumer credit in Egypt increased to EGP 317,376m in January 2019, from EGP 312,427m in December 2018. Consumer credit in Egypt averaged EGP 12,300,9.84m from 2004 until 2019, reaching an …

Doaa A. Moneam

Possible challenges ahead: former chairperson of FRA

Financial Markets Adviser and former Chairperson of the FRA, Sherif Samy, said that every country in the world is keen to protect its consumers and to control markets through drafted laws, including activities of services and trade sectors. But for consumer financing activities, countries are different in dealing with them, as Samy clarified to Daily …

Doaa A. Moneam

Egyptians bear 70% of fuel prices through threefold price hikes in 2 years

To meet the demands of the IMF to grant Egypt the $12bn loan, curb the budget deficit, and to deal with the increasing inflation rate, fuel subsidies underwent non-recurrent stages to be phased out, toward being fully suspended in 2019 according to a subsequent 2018 statement for the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek …

Doaa A. Moneam

More investments, promotion required to boost Egypt’s presence in Africa

Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi, secretary-general of the Arab Investors Union (AIU), said that injecting more direct Egyptian investments in the African market will significantly help in boosting Egypt’s presence in the continent. He added in an interview with Daily News Egypt that Egypt must take real action on the ground, not only organising events, to succeed …

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