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My name is Engy. I’m a nineteen-year-old Alexandrian. I graduated last year from the German School in Alexandria and enrolled in Alsun Faculty in Ain Shams, Cairo. Writing has been a passion of mine for years now. I enjoy making up short stories the most.

I love reading, with socially critical novels on top of the list. Other hobbies of mine would be calligraphic drawing and hiking.

As for the topic I’ve chosen; well, I think everyone should know that mental health is by no means less important than physical health. It’s both of them that make up the well-being of a person. I firmly believe that every person deserves to be cared about and offered help when needed. It’s really depressing, that ongoing stigma of mental health in the country. We may criticize the country’s health institutions as much as we wish, but if there’s any hope in changing that perception of mental disorders, it’s first and foremost in the individuals.

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Mental Health in Egypt

If you ever want to ride a microbus to Abbaseya, you won’t have to stop each passing vehicle and ask whether the driver is heading there; it’s a lot easier than that. All drivers heading to Abbaseya do the same signal: raising one arm to head level and rotating the fingers in head’s direction. We …

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