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Emad El-Sayed is the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily News Egypt

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Egyptian media’s losses

The media lost another battle during the war in Sinai, when everyone raced for information in light of the military’s maintenance of their usual policy at such times. The military was only ready to feed the Egyptian and foreign media false information. The media fell into the trap so easily, without even citing the source …

Emad El-Sayed

Hold the interior minister and his leaders accountable

The blood of Hisham Barakat is the responsibility of everyone with no exception, including the Ministry of Interior, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the government. Although it is necessary to hold all parties accountable and to punish the negligent and the careless, we cannot make the incident an excuse to impose more restrictions on the people. …

Emad El-Sayed

National project for the poor

Ideas are endless; the important thing is that they are followed by a political will to execute them, and perhaps the most important thing is that the decision-makers think about national projects targeting the poor, who are burdened by the weight of years of oppression, poverty, disease and ignorance It is time to target this …

Emad El-Sayed

Why does Al-Sisi not sacrifice?

  A year has passed and another year is starting with the same questions in people’s minds since Al-Sisi’s rule in Egypt started. Where is Al-Sisi leading us? What is his plan for the economic recovery of Egypt? When will corruption be abolished? Because I was like the rest, immersed in Al-Sisi’s speeches and dreams, …

Emad El-Sayed

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