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Year End 2014: The people’s demands for 2015

Over the past weeks, Daily News Egypt has interviewed Egyptians from all walks of life and is reporting their expectations and demands for the year 2015, in an effort to contribute to an open debate about the challenges the country is facing. This special issue comes at a critical time. Since the ousting of Islamist …

Federico Manfredi

Traffickers of military and police uniforms arrested: Interior Ministry

The Azbakia Police Station investigation department in Cairo arrested a group of men for possessing large quantities of military and police uniforms with the intent of selling them, according to a statement released Sunday by the Ministry of Interior. The men were allegedly selling the uniforms and a number of accessories including berets and insignia …

Federico Manfredi

Morsi’s nephew sentenced to life for attacking fellow student

The nephew of former president Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to life imprisonment on Saturday for the attempted murder of a fellow student at Zagazig University, state media reported. Mohamed Said, 25, was a law student at the university until May, when he was suspended due to charges in several different court cases. The charges leading …

Federico Manfredi

Gag on media freedom victory for terrorism: Egyptian journalists

Hundreds of Egyptian journalists have signed an online statement released Sunday rejecting a recent agreement between the editors in chief of several major Egyptian newspapers, in which they vowed to support the government’s anti-terrorism rhetoric. The journalists condemned “the repudiation of freedom of opinion and expression” inherent in the agreement between the newspaper editors, calling …

Federico Manfredi

Interior ministry announces dismantlement of militant cells

Interior ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif announced on Saturday that security forces have dismantled five militant cells in different parts of the country. One cell was based in the governorate of Damietta and included individuals who had previously fought in Syria, where they learned how to assemble explosive devices, said the statement. Security forces dismantled four …

Federico Manfredi

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