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European Parliament

Opinion| European Parliament

A few days ago, and with flimsy justifications and rumours, lies, and fabricated reports, the European Parliament issued a list that includes, in its entirety, demands from European Union (EU) countries to review their political, economic, and security relations with Egypt.

Dr. Hatem Sadiq

Hatem Sadiq

Opinion| Turkey Then and Now

Until recently, there were many political, media, and economic figures calling for the application of the Turkish state model in Egypt, and their evidence for that was summarised in the strength of the Turkish economy under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan since 2003. In fact, many of these people were deceived, whether due to their ignorance …

Dr. Hatem Sadiq

Thousands of people have reportedly died in Ethiopia's northern region of Tigray and there have been widespread destruction from aerial bombardment and ground fighting since 4 November when the military operations started. Nearly 43,000 people have fled the clashes to Sudan.

Opinion| Ethiopia and the Civil War

The problem is very complex, and there are no pre-prepared solutions to it, to the extent that experts and specialists stress the need to abolish the federal system followed in Ethiopia, to separate the regions. In other words, there is a need to divide Ethiopia into several countries.

Dr. Hatem Sadiq

Opinion| Trump, Biden, and COVID-19

And yet, the company, itself, announced several weeks ago, in an explicit challenge to outgoing US President Donald Trump, that it would not produce any vaccine against the virus before the middle of 2021.

Dr. Hatem Sadiq

Opinion| Ethiopia will not listen to the voice of reason

Reports from Ethiopia show that Addis Ababa aims to use the negotiations as a tactical manoeuvre to avoid signing a legally binding agreement that may restrict its ambitions to build more dams on its transboundary rivers, whether the Blue Nile, the Atbara, or the Sobat.

Dr. Hatem Sadiq

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