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Iris Boutros is an economist and strategist. She focuses on growth, impact investment, and decision-making. Follow her on Twitter @irisboutros

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30 June business risks

Planned protests mean 30 June will be a big day in politics for Egypt. For companies, it increases short-term risks and challenges of doing business, largely because of the disruptions. Things can start to improve if the day and the Tamarod campaign are successful in moving Egyptian leaders representing different interests towards honest dialogue. Until …

Iris Boutros

The Egypt-IMF loan negotiation: The soap opera continues

Watching Egypt’s negotiation with the IMF for a proposed $4.8bn loan has been like watching a daytime soap opera. New characters are added to the main plot while old characters fade into the background, but the storyline remains largely unchanged. Every episode introduces a bit of new drama with no resolution of the main conflicts …

Iris Boutros

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