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Luiz is a Brazilian journalist in Cairo @luizdaVeiga

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Flash mob in El-Azhar park to promote tourism

As the sun began to make its way down the horizon, and families gathered at the park for Iftar, the signal to start was given. For the next ten seconds everyone scrambled to find a pose, and continued to hold the pose for the next three minutes. A videographer roamed around the still participants.

Luiz Sanchez

Helm dreams of an inclusive society

As part of their mission statement, Helm wishes to facilitate the employability process and increase job opportunities by connecting people with special needs with employers, and helping to launch and support for-profit businesses with inclusive employment policies.

Luiz Sanchez

Government workers killed in Baghdad

An official within the Iraqi Interior Ministry said that gunmen armed with silencers on their weapons managed to assassinate a Justice Ministry worker in Jamiyah on Tuesday as well as an Agriculture Ministry employee in Adil, both western suburbs of the capital city of Baghdad. Two soldiers were also shot and killed at a checkpoint …

Luiz Sanchez

Yemen Military restructuring

Yemen’s military is currently undergoing restructuring in an attempt to curb the power of the son of a former president, Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh. Saleh currently holds the position of Brigadier General in the Yemeni army. According to Yemen state media ,Saba, Monday, the current President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi issued decrees which transfer the command …

Luiz Sanchez

Seats laid out at Cimatheque ready for audiences to enjoy the film screenings Hana Al-Bayaty

Cairo underground cinema

Cimatheque is a multi-purpose space dedicated to celebrating film and independent filmmakers in Egypt. It is meant to be a dynamic work space for independent filmmakers to collaborate, research and network, aiding the development of their talents.

Luiz Sanchez