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EGX30 plummeted more than nine per cent on Sunday, 25 November. (DNE/ Mohamed Omar)

Horizontal movements of EGX during last week before Eid 

The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) trading in Ramadan was filled with strong upward movements and recorded a new historical peak amid the non-existent impact of the trading values and the recovery of the majority of the stocks with support from the strong foreign purchases. Analysts expect horizontal movements to take place during this week’s trading, …

Mahmoud Hashem

EGX shoots for 14,000 points this week, supported by foreign buyers

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) aims to continue climbing this week, through moving towards 14,000 points,driven by foreign purchases, which have previously helped the market go beyond the pivotal resistance at 13500 points. In the past week, foreign institutions continued to set up intensive financial positions in stocks. The EGX main index successfully exceeded 13,500 points …

Mahmoud Hashem

A proposal to reduce stamp tax supports the cohesion of EGX

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) indexes strengthened at the end of last week, following a wave of decline on the back of the high-stamp tax proposal, before the Ministry of Finance suggested to bring the rate down to 0.125%. The EGX has been suffering over the past week, recording at midweek its lowest transactions since October …

Mahmoud Hashem

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