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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie looks on under the group's logo during his first press conference in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010 (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

The unseen hand

He is described as the unseen hand of an incredibly hierarchal and rigid organization. The Muslim Brotherhood’s General Masul, the General Guide, Mohamed Badie is a man in the shadows, who some believe will have the last word.

Maryam Ishani

A Rohingya Muslim village burns in recent violence in Myanmar

Myanmar’s minority Muslims under attack

When asked where his parents were, the boy mustered, “I don’t know.” He was still very young, even at 17 years-old, to have made a perilous crossing at the Naf River alone, venturing from Myanmar to Bangladesh and fleeing the threat of the Burmese military the length of the trip. At a refugee camp outside …

Maryam Ishani

Kurds might be tipping point in Syria-Turkey row

Kurds are caught in the middle of two escalating zones of conflict involving four countries, but in the current standoff between Syria and Turkey, the Kurdish population may soon find themselves the bargaining chip that tips the stand-off into a full scale fight. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has been cautious with the Kurds on Syria’s …

Maryam Ishani

The devils you know

The headline is an easy one to like. Once a prisoner, now a president. It illicits support from the heart, it lifts the chin, pulls the boot straps up. The story of the underdog who rose up through the ranks and became leader of a nation that marginalised, punished and excluded him. It smells of …

Maryam Ishani