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Mohamed Samir Khedr is an economic and political journalist, and analyst specialising in geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. Over the past decade, he covered Egypt's and the MENA region's financial, business, and geopolitical updates. He is currently the Executive Editor of the Daily News Egypt. Twitter: LinkedIn:

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Egypt’s United Media Services reveals board reshuffle, plansEGX debut by 2024

Egypt’s United Media Services (UMS) has revealed its new Board of Directors, with Hassan Abdallah appointed as the group’s Chairperson.  The company’s board members include Ashraf Salman, Tamer Morsi, Mohamed Saadi, Amr El Fekky, and Mohamed Samir.  The company also revealed its plan to launch a new regional news station using the latest technologies in the first quarter (Q1) of 2022, the company revealed …

Mohamed Samir

Anger rises as Israeli aggressions against Palestinians continue. Hamas Israel ceasefire

Israel and Hamas agree to Egyptian ceasefire initiative

Israel and Hamas have agreed to Egypt‘s ceasefire initiative, which would go into effect at 2am on Friday. Cairo will send two delegations to Gaza and Tel Aviv to ensure implementation and discuss next steps, under the directives of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. The ceasefire ends 11-day conflict which left 232 Palestinians killed by Israeli …

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Nuweiba: Egypt’s paradise of serenity

Nuweiba, 476km from Cairo, is a perfect fit for someone who is travelling on a budget. In the area between Nuweiba and Taba lies Ras Shitan, where you can find modest beach camps along the shore. These camps are beacons of simplicity, only having the bear minimum in terms of luxury, yet they provide the ultimate experience if you just want to relax on the beach with a book and tan, live an underwater diving fantasy in the Red Sea, or explore a hiking trail with breath-taking views

Mohamed Samir