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Egyptian youths spent 2015 independently fighting for local enlightenment

As 2015 draws to a close, many civil society organisations have adopted the belief of turning Egypt into a better place starting with the citizens instead of waiting for the authorities to take action. Throughout the year, both individuals and non-profit organisations were more concerned with the main problems in Egypt and several projects were …

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Does the power of social media encourage herd mentality?

For the last two weeks, “Freska guy” – a university graduate who roams Cairo streets carrying a box full of the popular sweets called “Freska” – was the centre of attention of social media users. With his unique fashion sense that does not align with the traditional perception of street hawkers, Freska guy, Youssef Al-Sayed …

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Stand Point Conference: A platform teaching youth the difference between online and offline activities

On a warm sunny day at the Greek Campus in downtown Cairo, hundreds of youths gathered to enjoy the weather while learning the methods of improving themselves in marketing, educational methods, recruitment, and advertising at “StandPoint Conference”. Stand Point Conference is a forum that spotlights the pros and cons of the most trending activities happening …

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Handmade aluminium cookware: Unprotected job to uphold heritage

  Almost every item people use in their daily lives, from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep, is usually produced electronically as technology has become an essential part of manufacturing. But aluminium cooking pots have remained as a large part of heritage that is not electronically manufactured. In small factories, workers stand …

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