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Morocco’s food heritage saved and served at Marocain Moments

In the heart of one of Cairo’s most crowded areas, Mohandessin, a spot of peace, bright colours exists. With the scent of the city of Chefchaouen taking over Cairo’s overcrowded streets and unbearable car horns, in a narrow, dim, crowded street, lies Marocain Moments, a restaurant serving Moroccon cuisine. Bright colours are the main theme …

Nada Deyaa’

Egyptian awarded 1 of 7 most exceptional female scientists in Middle East

For years, Mennatullah El-Serafy, a PhD holder in genome science, has been working on research about human genes to detect proteins and factors that would help find treatments for immunological and genetic diseases. Her research led her to be chosen as one of the seven most exceptional female scientists in the Middle East by the …

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Ramadan’s charity campaigns spotlights heroes and optimism 

With people spending hours of their days watching Ramadan’s TV series, they are being subjected to many commercials, which have turned into as important a part of Ramadan routine as the food and family gatherings. For years, Ramadan has been the perfect chance for non-profit organisations to promote their charity work in order to ask …

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