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Tiran and Sanafir: an Egyptian burden

Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud’s visit to Egypt on 9 April caused a startling disturbance. Chatter across different social media platforms has peaked. The cause behind all this is Egypt’s decision to transfer the sovereignty of Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia. Egyptians on social media have hysterically opposed this handover, some …

Robert Boulos

Ministry of misleading culture

Why is it that the Egyptian elite suffer from a continuous state of funk? Why do these people have to go out of their way to present fabricated stories or half-truths to make us feel good about ourselves? Besides Egypt’s interesting history and rich culture, is it not possible for Egyptians to have pride in …

Robert Boulos

Runoff elections, a curse to our democracy!

In the aftermath of an election, nations that seek continuous improvement would sit back and reflect on lessons that can be learnt from such an event. The actual exercise of decision-making, where the state calls upon the people to partake in the process, is a mini course in the fundamentals of democratic practices. And as …

Robert Boulos

A celebration for democracy…or is it?

It is without a doubt that the 2015 Egyptian parliamentary elections are a step forward for Egypt’s political progression, especially when compared to previous elections, if previous elections are something worth comparing. Many honourable candidates who have won a seat in the Egyptian chamber of legislation have described this election as a “celebration for democracy”, …

Robert Boulos

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