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DiCaprio wins his first Oscar and Rock sells biscuits to attendees

The 88th Academy Awards held its opening ceremony on 29 February. Film fans have eagerly awaited the Oscars night owing to the fierce competition between the nominated movies and actors. The ceremony, themed “We All Dream in Gold”, did not disappoint. As the ceremony was not broadcast by any Egyptian or Arabic satellite channels, millions …

Rana Khaled

‘Jareedy’ becomes first Nubian film to participate in Luxor African Film Festival

Although numerous filmmakers have portrayed Nubian people in their artistic works throughout history, little attention has been given to the major problems that have afflicted Nubians for decades. In an attempt to shed light on Nubian society and the challenges it encounters, director Mohammed Hisham released “Jareedy”, the first film in the Nubian language. The …

Rana Khaled

Small publishing houses dominate annual Egyptian book fair in 2016

Dar Al-Shorouk, Noon, Diwan, and the Egyptian Lebanese house were at the top of the publishing houses, and will participate with a large numbers of books in 2016. However, smaller houses, including Elmasry, El-Rewaq, Ghorab, Toya, Bait Al-Yasmine, and Dar Al Olom, are expected to fiercely challenge and prove their existence in the Egyptian book …

Rana Khaled

Does the power of social media encourage herd mentality?

For the last two weeks, “Freska guy” – a university graduate who roams Cairo streets carrying a box full of the popular sweets called “Freska” – was the centre of attention of social media users. With his unique fashion sense that does not align with the traditional perception of street hawkers, Freska guy, Youssef Al-Sayed …

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