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Earthlings head to nearest bunker, or bar, at ‘world’s end’

AFP— Diehard doomsayers will be scurrying to the nearest shelter in fear of a Mayan prophecy of the world’s end Friday, but many more from Delhi to Sydney will ring in the date by partying like there’s no tomorrow. One thing is certain: from off-the-shelf bunkers to “World’s End” menus or trips to esoteric hot …

Sara Abou Bakr

Morsy rebuffed

National Front for the Salvation of the Revolution refuses talks after president’s speech

Sara Abou Bakr


In Pictures: Protests in front of the Presidential Palace

Protesters marched today, Friday, to the presidential palace in protest of President Mohamed Morsy’s latest constitutional decree and constitutional referendum set to be on December 15.
Morsy relayed a live speech Thursday night in an attempt to defuse growing anger against him. Opposition found his speech to be “disappointing” and rallied people to march to the presidential palace to protest as well as Tahrir square.
The marches come in wake of deadly clashes witnessed on Wednesday night in front of the presidential palace which left six dead and over 400 injured.

Sara Abou Bakr