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UEFA to appeal to punish Barca, Real Madrid, Juventus

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus are among the 12 founding clubs of the so-called European Super League which was declared to be set up in April to challenge UEFA’s Champions League, but failed within 48 hours as the other nine clubs all announced their withdrawal.

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Opinion| Socialism defeats capitalism in the time of coronavirus

A few months ago, the question of the prospects for the return of socialism seemed ludicrous and irrational. Nevertheless, especially in the aftermath of the fierce battle of coronavirus, socialism has reappeared, even if it is in different forms than it was in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic made people hope once again …

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Youth Love Egypt Foundation participates in workshop on climate change in Kenya

The Youth Love Egypt Foundation has participated in a climate change workshop at Kenyatta University in Kenya. The event lasted for two weeks until 13 September. Over the two weeks, the Foundation joined sessions discussing several topics including causes of climate change, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. President of the Youth Love …

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US forces participate in Bright Star exercise in Egypt

The US, along with forces from partner nations, has joined Egypt for the Operation Bright Star 2021 at Egypt’s Mohamed Naguib Military Base, on 2-16 September.  This exercise will build on the success of Bright Star 2018. Approximately 600 US military personnel will participate in the exercise, which was originally scheduled for 2020, but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  “This exercise is an …

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Thanaweyya Amma Dynamics exam leaked on social media: Education Ministry

Egypt’s Ministry of Education and Technical Education has revealed that some social media accounts circulated questions from Wednesday’s Dynamics exam in the Thanaweyya Amma (high school-leaving). The ministry has tracked a student in Qena governorate who was involved in leaking the exam. It has also detected three cases of cheating in the Dynamics exam, including …

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