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More than 4 billion people still lack any social protection: ILO report

Despite the unprecedented worldwide expansion of social protection during the COVID-19 crisis, more than 4 billion people around the world remain entirely unprotected, said a report released by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on Wednesday.    The report found that the pandemic response was uneven and insufficient, deepening the gap between countries with high and …


Afghan withdrawal exposes weakness in UK’s ties with Western allies: lawmaker

A British lawmaker on Wednesday blasted the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, saying it “exposed a weakness” in Britain’s relationship with Western allies.    The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been the “single biggest foreign policy disaster” Britain has faced since the Suez crisis in the 1950s, said Tom Tugendhat, a Conservative member of parliament …



Afghans suffer as US wraps up mission in Afghanistan

“It was a horrific scene as the injured men were crying for help and dead body after body was scattered around you,” an injured Afghan man Mohammad Bakhsh whispered Monday. Receiving medical treatment at a local hospital here, Bakhsh claimed that he was going to leave Afghanistan with the US military but the terrorist attack at the …


Russia to continue establishing normal ties with Taliban amid uncertainty

 Russian Special Presidential Representative for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said Moscow is working towards establishing normal relations with the Taliban and will refrain from imposing any outside values. “Our embassy is continuing to actively operate in Kabul,” the TASS news agency reported, quoting Kabulov. “We need to maintain normal relations with any Afghan government,” he said, adding that while Russia …


Palestinian President, Israeli defense minister meet in Ramallah

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met on Sunday night with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz in the West Bank city of Ramallah, a senior Palestinian official said. Hussein al-Sheikh, a member of the central committee of Abbas-led Fatah party, said in a short statement that Abbas met with Gantz in Ramallah and discussed all aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian relations. The …


South Sudan’s main opposition denies deal on unified army command

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-In-Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) faction under First Vice President Riek Machar on Monday denied agreeing with President Salva Kiir on the ratios within the unified army command. Puok Both Baluang, acting press secretary for Machar, dismissed a recent claim by Martin Elia Lomuro, the minister of Cabinet Affairs, alleging they have agreed to share positions on the unified army command. Lomuro told journalists Saturday …


Death toll of Houthi-fired ballistic missile attack in southern Yemen climbs to 40

The death toll from Houthi-fired ballistic missiles that struck a strategic air base of Yemen’s government forces in the southern province of Lahj climbed to 40, local officials said Sunday. An official of Lahj’s local authority told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the Houthi rebel group launched a coordinated attack using three ballistic missiles …


6 Afghans killed after rocket falls into residential area in Kabul

Six Afghan civilians, including four children, were killed after a rocket was fired at the Kabul airport where the US-led evacuation flights were continuing but failed to hit the target, a local source confirmed. “The rocket struck a house in Khwaja Bughra, a populated residential area in Police District 15, killing two adults and four …


Iraq's Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership Daily News Egypt

Baghdad conference agrees to boost cooperation for regional stability

Iraq’s Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership on Saturday closed with the agreement of participating countries to unify efforts to stabilize the region.The opening session of the conference began in the afternoon with the participation of nine countries and several regional and international organizations to enhance security and economic cooperation in the Middle East.Iraqi Prime …


Afghanistan: Biden says another Kabul airport attack likely - BBCAfghanistan: Biden says another Kabul airport attack likely - Daily News Egypt

Terror attack against Kabul airport “highly likely” in 36 hours: Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden warned on Saturday that another terror attack against Kabul airport could be “highly likely in the next 24-36 hours.”“The situation on the ground continues to be extremely dangerous, and the threat of terrorist attacks on the airport remains high. Our commanders informed me that an attack is highly likely in the …


US withdrawal from Afghanistan disappointment to allies: former intelligence officer

US withdrawal disappointment to allies: former intelligence officer

The US’ withdrawal of troops has disappointed its European allies, former diplomat and intelligence officer David F. Gordon has told Xinhua. “There is definitely concern here among US allies. The Europeans are very upset about this because none of the moves around Afghanistan that Biden made were undertaken in consultation with the Europeans, the Europeans …


Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam

National delegation introduces 14th Five-Year Plan opportunities for Hong Kong

The first of a series of activities on the introduction of the outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for national socio-economic development was held here Monday, with participants discussing fresh opportunities from the national development scheme for Hong Kong to better integrate into the overall development of the country.Chief Executive of China’s Hong Kong …


A staff member displays the mobile application of the Internet Hospital of Jiangsu Province Hospital in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, Feb. 7, 2020. (Xinhua/Ji Chunpeng)

China’s internet health services gathering steam amid COVID-19

Internet-based health services, supported by government policies and information technology, are gathering steam in China, a process partly hastened due to COVID-19. A remarkable rise has been seen in the use of such services since China’s State Council or the Cabinet released a guideline on promoting “internet plus health services” in 2018. Number of internet …


A boy is treated at a hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti, on Aug. 22, 2021. (Xinhua/David de la Paz)

Challenges remain in delivery of aids to quake-hit southern Haiti

A week after the powerful earthquake rattled Haiti, humanitarian aids from international organizations and countries poured in but their delivery to remote areas were hindered by complex situations. On Aug. 14, Haiti was hit by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake, one of the strongest ever to hit the country, leaving at least 2,189 dead and over 12,000 …


Afghans gather near a gate of Kabul airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 22, 2021. (Xinhua/Rahmatullah Alizadah)

World leaders, officials blast US pullout for causing Afghan chaos, catastrophe

The United States’ irresponsible pullout has caused chaos and “catastrophe” in Afghanistan, and is condemned by world leaders and officials. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Taliban’s sweep across Afghanistan shows the futility of the West’s efforts to enforce its democratic vision, after his talks in Moscow with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on …


Berlin II Conference calls for immediate withdrawal of foreign mercenaries from Libya

IS suicide bomber attacks security checkpoint in southeast Libya

An Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber attacked on Sunday a security checkpoint belonging to the eastern-based army in the southeastern Libyan town Zalla, without causing any casualties.    “An IS suicide bomber attacked the Zalla checkpoint with a car bomb, causing no human casualties,” the spokesman of the eastern-based army, Ahmad al-Mismari, posted on his …


Pentagon chief orders US airlines to assist Afghan evacuation

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said in a statement that Austin has ordered the Commander of US Transportation Command “to activate Stage I of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF),” which provides the Pentagon access to commercial air mobility resources to support evacuation from Afghanistan.


Tibet's progress a powerful message for Western naysayers

China holds celebration of 70th anniversary of Tibet’s peaceful liberation

China on Thursday held a grand gathering to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet. More than 20,000 people from various ethnic groups attended the event held in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. President Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of …


70 years on, Tibet embarks on new journey of modernization

Xi Focus: 70 years on, Tibet embarks on new journey of modernization

China’s Tibet Autonomous Region is celebrating the 70th anniversary of peaceful liberation — a turning point in the region’s history — as it starts a new journey of modernization after decades of leapfrog development. With the peaceful liberation in 1951, the people of Tibet broke free from the fetters of invading imperialism for good, and …