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Seaduction: the irresistible temptation of signature dining by the sea

When I first noticed it, I thought the name was genius. Seaduction owes its name to the temptation of the sea, yet the taste is nothing but original. Boasting a signature ingredient and unique touch to each dish, the Dahab-based restaurant/café provides the most distinguished and classy-yet-simple fine dining experience, the best—and arguably the only—such …

Yosra El-Zoghby

Photocopy: the taste of a life lived!

Through a wonderful mix of videography, local history, and music, Photocopy director Tamer Ashry takes us on a wonderful journey in time. The film is imbued with Faried el-Atrash songs and scenes of the culturally rich and relatively old Abdo Pasha area of Cairo, with its old-fashioned “gad3ana”—the remains of a good trait in Egyptians …

Yosra El-Zoghby


From Cairo to Aswan: enter Egypt’s thriving cycling scene

Walk into Galal Zekri’s office—the man behind the 10-day Cairo to Aswan NS Crossing (North to Sourth Crossing)—and you find a Google-like, colourful atmosphere, a map of the world, and a white board of the list of engagements and plans to start on. Talk to him, and you find the most inspiring young man, looking …

Yosra El-Zoghby

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