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Egypt’s parallel electric grid to be ready in January

The companies executing the parallel electrical grid will complete the linking of Beni Suef’s power lines to the Aswan High Dam in January 2018, at a cost of up to EGP 5.5bn. Sources from the Ministry of Electricity said that the implementation rate of the Beni Suef – Assiut line, which has 503 electrical towers, …

Mohamed Farag

Egypt’s energy future between reality and fantasies

Egypt is the second largest producer of natural gas in Africa after Algeria, yet Egypt’s power generation infrastructure is dependent on natural gas. More than 75% of the electricity generated in Egypt comes from natural gas plants. Egypt currently produces about 3.9bn cubic feet of gas per day and imports another 1-1.1bn cubic feet per …

Mohamed Samir

Unpaid dues to electricity ministry register EGP 1.2bn at end of December

The unpaid dues of business sector companies to the Ministry of Electricity and Energy amounted to EGP 1.2bn at the end of December. Sources from the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) said that the ministry suffers from a lack of liquidity, which may affect the electricity supply. They added that business sector companies, a number …

Mohamed Farag