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Standing out

I had forgotten one of the things that has always made me love living here. That very thing that I have often received and always evoked surprised gratitude and humility.

Adel Heine

Artistic simplicity

As a designer and illustrator it frustrated me that the studios spend so much money producing a movie, yet always go for the cheap shot when it comes to advertising.

Adel Heine

CairoKee’s latest album

CairoKee has carved out a niche for their music in the saturated Egyptian music scene with their distinct and original style. However, many of the tracks on this album seem to follow this sound too closely.

Rana Muhammad Taha

So far yet so close

The Egyptian people are connected to their country in a way that supersedes patriotism – it seems to be an intrinsic part of their being. The country encompasses many different groups and their boundaries fluctuate depending on the matter at hand. Differences, be it geographical, social, economical or religious are clearly defined yet fade away in the face of the profound common denominator: being Egyptian. The Egyptians who have made their home abroad are a perfect example.

Daily News Egypt

A Dark Tale

They dance and surge, emotions borne high for all to see, passionate and invigorated by those that surround them. Their power is most obvious when it is dark, their faces lit up by fireworks or fires

Adel Heine

Cruising in the Egyptian capital Cairo presents the opportunity to unwind after a long work week. For Sayeed, it means more

Cruising in Cairo

Cruising presents the opportunity to unwind after a long work week. For Sayeed, it means more: this time with friends represents one of the few choices that exist in his life, and indeed, one of the only avenues of self- expression available to him.

Daily News Egypt

Original talent – Nesma Mahgoub

Although Maghoub does not write her own songs for her solo album, she is heavily involved in the writing and composing of the music of her oriental metal band, Origin.

Ragia Mostafa

Talking chairs exhibition

Every chair has a story to tell, obviously from its own point of view. Just entangled pieces of life, left. Someone has decided to stand up and go away. Life must go on somewhere else.

Rana Muhammad Taha

Tens of thousands of Egyptians gather in Cairo's Tahrir square. File photo from November 2011 (AFP)

Part-time revolution

Egyptians have managed to bring down a deeply-ingrained autocratic regime and set up what is proving to be a relatively close democratic presidential election, all in the hours people normally watch television before going to bed. Workers by day, fighters of injustice by night; the protesters are truly the collective Batman of the revolutionary world.

Ahmed Khalifa

Women in Colour

The new series of paintings by Mariam Mourad Abdelmesih is a tribute to the strength of Egyptian women

Adel Heine

Ahmed Safi el-Din and Marwan Imam - Photo by Hassam Ibrahim

Alcohol? Meth? No, High On Body Fat

With hilarious, well-crafted songs that expertly incorporate everything from politics to moustaches and aubergines, one would think the dynamic duo spent hours meticulously writing and rewriting every word to ensure the lyrics were perfect. Not so. True to their name, the band simply gets high on body fat and writes.

Ahmed Khalifa

Moments in spray paint: Minutes from the Frankfurt Graffiti workshop

By Caram Kapp Caram Kapp is one of the artists that participated in the “Festival of Egyptian Culture” held at the Tutankhamun exhibit in Frankfurt. The below are moments in time picked out of the workshop “Egyptian Street Art and Arabic Graffiti” on April 7-14, 2012. Amidst the skyscrapers of Frankfurt, hidden away near the …


Writers send messages in translation unsure if they hit home

By Chitra Kalyani Alongside the ancient pharaoh King Tutankhamun, a display of more recent Egypt was presented in Frankfurt through the “Egyptian Festival of Culture.” As part of the literary program at the fest, excerpts from four emerging Egyptian authors’ works were translated and read in dramatized form by German actors. “It is important for …


Spring Festival returns with a promising future

By Maha ElNabawi Now in its fifth edition, the Spring Festival organized by Al Mawred Al Thakafy (Culture Resource) returns to Egypt and the region this Friday with socio-political vengeance. Through a series of workshops, public discussions, storytelling, music, theater and dance, the festival seeks to address the region’s post-revolution questions of “What happened?” and …


Arthouse meets glamour in Cannes festival line-up with Egypt competitor

By Emma Charlton / AFP David Cronenberg, Ken Loach and Michael Haneke will headline the race for Cannes gold at the Riviera festival next month, in a line-up studded with stars from Nicole Kidman to Brad Pitt, unveiled Thursday. With a month to go until the May 16-27 event, organizers named the 54 films awarded …


Dealer admits smuggling Egyptian treasures to US

By AFP NEW YORK: An antiques dealer pleaded guilty Wednesday to smuggling ancient Egyptian treasures, including a coffin, to the United States. Mousa Khouli, also known as Morris Khouli, aged 38, faces up to 20 years of prison for “smuggling Egyptian cultural property into the United States and making a false statement to law enforcement …


AFP, Huffington Post, Politico win Pulitzers

By Brigitte Dusseau / AFP NEW YORK: Agence France-Presse and the news websites Huffington Post and Politico each won their first Pulitzer Prizes Monday as the prestigious journalism awards highlighted global issues and online reporting. The New York Times won two Pulitzers, and the committee notably did not make awards for editorial writing or fiction …


Colombian artist hits 80 with no plans to retire

By Philippe Zygel / AFP As he plans to celebrate his 80th birthday in his native Colombia this week, painter and sculptor Fernando Botero says the idea of retiring his paintbrush frightens him even more than death. More than 3,000 paintings and 300 sculptures are still not enough for one of the world’s most famous …


Egyptian designers approach spring and summer with prints

By Heba Elkayal After the sour, confused mood of late, young Egyptian businesses and brands are flourishing, giving a clear statement that regardless of all ongoing political and economical turmoil, all is well and all shall be well. Nothing reflected that attitude more articulately than the spring and summer collections of two Egyptian designers: Amina …


Fans recall American artist Jackson Pollock at 100

By Frank Eltman / AP Out behind a small farmhouse on a Long Island country road sits an old gray barn where a tormented artist dripped paint off brushes, sticks — even turkey basters — onto canvasses spread out on a wooden floor. Besides making quite a mess of things, leaving splash marks everywhere, Jackson …


‘Masters of Chaos’ rule over Paris tribal art museum

By Pascale Mollard-Chenebenoit  /AFP Chaos and man’s attempts to tame it are at the heart of a spectacular new show at Paris’ museum of tribal arts that pits voodoo and shamanic artifacts alongside the work of contemporary artists. By the entrance to the show stands a voodoo talisman meant to ward off evil spirits — …


Egyptian street art alongside the pharaoh in Frankfurt

By Chitra Kalyani In September 2011, Khaled Said made an appearance on the famous Berlin Wall. This month, Egypt is once again taking its walls to Germany, this time alongside the Tutankhamun Exhibit in Frankfurt. April 13 marked the “First Friday” in Frankfurt, where a workshop and gallery entitled “Egyptian Street Art and Arabic Graffiti” were …


Arab nudes defy taboos in Paris show

By Pascale Mollard-Chenebenoit / AFP The naked body in Arab art is the theme of a new Paris exhibit meant to broaden views of Arab culture, spotlighting the many artists willing to break taboos and depict nudity in all its forms. “The Body Uncovered” at Paris’ Arab World Institute aims to “challenge the stereotypes usually …


First Assange TV show to be aired next week

By AFP LONDON: The first episode of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s new TV interview show will be broadcast on Tuesday on Russia Today and online, the whistleblowing website said on Friday. WikiLeaks remained tightlipped on the identity of Assange’s interviewee in the first of the 12-episode weekly series entitled “The World Tomorrow.” It has promised …


Music incognito: Kareem Lotfy

By Chitra Kalyani He is holding something small up in his hand, “Look at the 70s.” Kareem Lotfy is describing what he does when he “dubs” music; essentially he is simply playing with a sound that he likes from another time. A request to describe his music launches him on a Wikipedia journey through music history, …