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Youth group to disband

Members of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition also known as the 25 January Revolution Coalition have reached the end of their road. Or so says their executive office. The alliance of multiple youth groups including April 6 Youth, the Young Muslim Brotherhood and more recently,  the National Front. The coalition intends to announce their official dissolution …

Daily News Egypt

Retired judges and their legacies

Farouk Sultan Court: Supreme Constitutional Court Positions: Chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Chairman of the Presidential Elections Committee Famous for: Appointed by Hosni Mubarak, headed the PEC ex-officio as Chairman of the SCC, organised Egypt’s  first post-Mubarak presidential elections, disqualified Khairat El-Shater, Ayman Nour, Omar Suleiman and Hazem Salah Abo Ismail from the presidential …

Ahmed Aboulenein

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili gives a press conference in Istanbul 22 January 2011 (AFP)

Iran warns EU of ‘repercussions’

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, warned the European Union in a letter sent on Thursday that new sanctions will have “repercussions” on talks over his country’s atomic activities.

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Supporters of Mohamed Morsi's election campaign

Mohamed Gouda discusses ‘Nahda’ project

Dr. Mohamed Gouda, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) economic committee and its spokesman, responded to recent criticisms that businessmen prepared the party’s Nahda project and that it does not sufficiently include leftist ideas.

Daily News Egypt

Brief news on: Alexandria, Cairo, Demietta

Alexandria Workers from the Italian Pirelli Tire Company staged a demonstration in front of the Italian Consulate in Alexandria on Wednesday protesting the firing of their co-workers. The demonstrating workers asked for the reinstatement of their co-workers as well as receiving full payments of the company’s annual profits. The employees also demanded health insurance for …

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U.S Nuclear submarine and two destroyers pass through Suez Canal

  A maritime source working in the Suez Canal reported on Wednesday the passage of a nuclear submarine alongside two destroyers, both belonging to the United States supposedly headed to the Persian Gulf. The maritime source added that the nuclear submarine – USS Florida – and the destroyers – USS James Willams and Seattle – …

Rana Muhammad Taha