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Student killed during celebrations

Assiut – A student was killed and another injured after a shootout between tribal and political factions in the village of Gaw-El-Nawarwah in the Assiut governorate after the announcement of Mohamed Morsi as president. The dead student, Hisham Mohamed Abou-Zeid and the injured student, Hamada Abu-Ziad Mohamed, were both members of the Abu Shama family, …

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Corruption trial begins

Cairo (MENA) – A corruption trial of convicted former president Hosni Mubarak began Monday, he and former top government officials are charged with seizing and redistributing land in order to build a aviation officer‚Äôs housing co-op. Mubarak, alongside ex- minister of agriculture Youssef Wali and several other government officials, face allegations that they took 119 …

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Ganzouri resigns

Cairo – Kamal El-Ganzouri’s cabinet officially handed over its resignation yesterday to the head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi. Tantawi asked the cabinet to continue working until the official inauguration of President-Elect Mohamed Morsi by the end of the running month.

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Policeman arrested for killing convict

The police man who killed a runaway convict and then touched off a near-riot at the Al-Ahram Newspaper building has been arrested and jailed following calls for an investigation into the incident. Officer Mohammed Abdel Ghani will spend the next four days in jail during a pending investigation for the killing. The officer shot Sayed …

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In Morsi’s camp victory

By Ahmed Aboul Enein and Rana Muhammad Taha Tears of joy flowed down the faces of tens of thousands of Egyptians in Tahrir Square as they received news of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi‚Äôs victory in the country‚Äôs first post-Mubarak presidential elections. Sombre silence loomed over everyone‚Äôs face as Presidential Elections Committee head Judge …

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Egypt Briefs

Banks opted to close their office at noon Several banks in Cairo sent staff home at midday yesterday due to possible demonstrations following the announcement of Egypt‚Äôs new president. Banks, fearing a return of lawlessness reminiscent of the days during the Egyptian uprising, closed branch offices between 1 and 2pm. A Security officer at the …

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Before Morsi’s arrival

One day before a little more than half of Egypt celebrated the newly-elected civilian presidency of Mohamed Morsi, ordinary Egyptians were still carrying the burden of an uncertain future amid an atmosphere of perplexity at how the nation as a collective had reached this point of tension. Hundreds of thousands converged on Tahrir Square since …

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After a week of unofficial claims of victory, Mohamed Morsi is officially declared President of Egypt.

Mohamed Morsi wins

The candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party becomes the first civilian President of Egypt

Maryam Ishani

Islamic banking loses patron

By Asmaa Nabil When the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces, which has ruled the country for the last 16 months,¬†decided to dissolve parliament, the ramifications of the decision were not limited to the political¬†arena, but also encompassed Islamic banking which had begun to benefit from the rise of Islamist¬†political currents. The parliament, in which …

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The divided form a coalition

Several groups emerge in the political vacuum left by the PEC delayed results Coalitions are springing up left and right in the wake of the Presidential Elections Committee‚Äôs postponement of the ‚Äėofficial‚Äô presidential election results, further exacerbating what many activists and politicians are calling the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces‚Äô ‚Äúcoup.‚ÄĚ

Ahmed Aboulenein

A Tale Of Two Cairos

Recent reports have thinned the gap of votes between the two candidates to less than a million, with the Muslim Brotherhood putting their candidate in the lead and Ahmed Shafiq slinging accusations of wrongdoing against his opponent

Maryam Ishani

Egyptian powers offer a “third exit”

Representatives of liberal parties presented Egyptians with a ‚Äėthird option‚Äô on Saturday, citing a need to heal divisions in lieu of a contentious Egyptian presidential election, and a recent move by SCAF to shore up power during the transitional phase.

Rana Muhammad Taha

Media stokes election anxieties

Tensions have been steadily mounting in Egypt, providing an atmosphere akin to a tinderbox of opinions and accusations, but just who is holding the match, and what might spark it, is impossible to pinpoint with so many hot button issues, and polarising figures, consuming the minds of the Egyptian public. It could most easily be …

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