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Amid tensions court postpones flashpoint cases

The Administrative Judiciary Court of the State Council postponed a slew of cases which included calls for reversals of the dissolution of the People’s Assembly, a reversal of President Mohamed Morsy’s decision to reinstate it, and new demands for the dissolution of Shura Council and the Constituent Assembly. The court will resume its proceedings on …

Ahmed Aboulenein

MPs back for only minutes, crowds gather at gates

On the first day of President Mohamed Morsy’s reinstated parliament, hundreds of people crowded the gates as parliamentarians came and went.  They were a deeply divided group, with around 200 Morsy supporters camped immediately outside the entrance, while another 40 who opposed the decision stood across the street bitterly looking on. Some politicians drove through …

Connor Molloy

Auction on Nubian lands cancelled following protests

The General Authority for Rehabilitation Projects and Agricultural Development in the Ministry of Agriculture has decided to cancel an auction held on lands which belonged to Nubians, which was due to take place on Sunday. The decision comes in response to protests held in front of the ministry on the same day, held by Nubian …

Rana Muhammad Taha

Morsy pushes back

The president reinstates dissolved People’s Assembly in a move that challenges the Supreme Constitutional Court and the ruling generals

Ahmed Aboulenein