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After a week of unofficial claims of victory, Mohamed Morsi is officially declared President of Egypt.

Mohamed Morsi wins

The candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party becomes the first civilian President of Egypt

Maryam Ishani

Islamic banking loses patron

By Asmaa Nabil When the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces, which has ruled the country for the last 16 months,¬†decided to dissolve parliament, the ramifications of the decision were not limited to the political¬†arena, but also encompassed Islamic banking which had begun to benefit from the rise of Islamist¬†political currents. The parliament, in which …

Daily News Egypt

The divided form a coalition

Several groups emerge in the political vacuum left by the PEC delayed results Coalitions are springing up left and right in the wake of the Presidential Elections Committee‚Äôs postponement of the ‚Äėofficial‚Äô presidential election results, further exacerbating what many activists and politicians are calling the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces‚Äô ‚Äúcoup.‚ÄĚ

Ahmed Aboulenein

A Tale Of Two Cairos

Recent reports have thinned the gap of votes between the two candidates to less than a million, with the Muslim Brotherhood putting their candidate in the lead and Ahmed Shafiq slinging accusations of wrongdoing against his opponent

Maryam Ishani

Egyptian powers offer a “third exit”

Representatives of liberal parties presented Egyptians with a ‚Äėthird option‚Äô on Saturday, citing a need to heal divisions in lieu of a contentious Egyptian presidential election, and a recent move by SCAF to shore up power during the transitional phase.

Rana Muhammad Taha

Media stokes election anxieties

Tensions have been steadily mounting in Egypt, providing an atmosphere akin to a tinderbox of opinions and accusations, but just who is holding the match, and what might spark it, is impossible to pinpoint with so many hot button issues, and polarising figures, consuming the minds of the Egyptian public. It could most easily be …

Ahmed Khalifa

Mohamed Morsi, FJP Chairman and presidential candidate addresses a meeting of coalition partners against SCAF rule (AFP)

Coalitions of the divided

Coalitions are springing up left and right in the wake of the Presidential Elections Committee‚Äôs postponement of the ‘official’ presidential election results, further exacerbating what many activists and politicians are calling the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ “coup.”

Ahmed Aboulenein

Shafiq campaign disputes Morsi victory

Following the end of voting on Sunday, the campaigns of both Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsi, as well as media outlets such Al Ahram Online, the OnTV channel and the Al Jazeera channel all reported varied figures on the percentage of votes attributed to each candidate. Both Al Ahram Online and Al Jazeera put Morsi …

Hend Kortam

‚ÄúParallel‚ÄĚ PEC declares Morsi victory

While PeC delays eleCtion results, a grouP of indePendent judges announCe their findings Judges for Egypt, a group of reform- minded and independent judges, has announced that the Muslim Broth- erhood‚Äôs presidential candidate Mo- hamed Morsi won the elections in a press conference held at the Journal- ists‚Äô Syndicate yesterday afternoon.¬†The movement, which had formed …

Ahmed Aboulenein

Innovation Fund provides startups with ‚ā¨11m

The Innovation Fund will provide ‚ā¨11m in funds for small projects in disbursements that will cover from 50% to 90% of total project costs. According to the Fund‚Äôs plans, the initiative seeks to support research and innovation projects that will contribute to achieving sustainable development in Egypt. The initiative hopes to increase capital in Egypt …

Daily News Egypt

Cultural centers under pressure during upheavals

At an event at the Goethe Institute early in June, a dance performance was disrupted by a passerby angered by what he considered to be an inappropriate display between the male and female dancers. A witness described how the event came to a halt when several members of the audience were forced to try to …

Maryam Ishani

Constitutional declaration

If the People‚Äôs Assembly is dissolved, the president swears the oath in front of the General Assembly of the Supreme Constitutional Court. SCAF is the body responsible for all decisions related to the armed. The council‚Äôs head holds all powers held by the General Commander of the Armed Forces and the Defence Minister. The president …

Ahmed Aboulenein

Decree expands SCAF authority and curbs president’s remit over defence

The country‚Äôs ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) has issued a ‚Äėcomplimentary constitutional declaration‚Äô late on Sunday, only hours after initial results of the runoff round of presidential elections started coming in. The declaration outlines the powers of the next president and sets up how the anticipated new constitution is to be drafted and …

Ahmed Aboulenein

In advance of handover of power military delineates scope of influence

  Late on Monday evening the Supreme Council of Armed Forces delivered three statements containing decrees that delineate the scope of their authority following the handover of power to the President. At the time of printing they had not yet been published in the official state papers. Chief among the new articles is the creation …

Maryam Ishani

Ahmed Ezzat Al-Masry al-Youm

Elections of disappointment

As the second round of Egypt‚Äôs first presidential elections after the 25 January 2011 revolution draw to¬†a close on Sunday, Columnists and opinion writers of various Egyptian newspapers attempt to analyze¬†the political situation with only a few hours before the newly elected president is announced. Egypt¬†continued with its presidential elections in the absence of parliament …


Daily News Egypt: Final words

Last Thursday the editorial staff of Daily News Egypt was informed, quite abruptly, that our last issue was going to be the one which was published Saturday-Sunday, April 20-21, 2012. After seven years of providing hard breaking news and analysis on Egypt, and being the only independent English-language printed daily in the country, we regret …

Daily News Egypt