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Hepatitis – the facts from A to E

Hepatitis attacks the liver and in the worst case can result in cirrhosis or liver carcinoma. But not all forms of Hepatitis are alike. Hepatitis A Hepatitis A can result in an inflammation of the liver, but usually does not develop into a chronic illness. In some cases, patients will recover even without treatment. The virus is often contracted through…

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A reported rise in mental illness in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands there seems to have been a rapid rise in incidents involving "mentally confused" people. The reported number of such incidents rose from 53,000 in 2013 to 60,000 last year and the Dutch are asking why. A phone rings and community psychiatric nurse Theo Eberson speeds to his car. The police want him to assess the mental health…

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Vegetarians and green initiatives – Veggie Iftar Cairo

ElZeiny organized a similar event called Veggie Fest Cairo last January, just before the revolution. She put on Veggie Iftar Cairo this week because she wants to “promote a conscious and healthy lifestyle. We want people to question what they eat and how they live.”

Connor Molloy

Jazzercise your way to a healthy body

Jazzercise is open to anyone and there is no judgement. You are welcome to wear sweatpants or spandex, our studios have no mirrors so nobody gets self conscious and it does not matter what level of fitness you have – all classes are accessible for all levels.

Adel Heine

A different approach to healthcare

As long as therapies are proven to be beneficial based on scientific evidence, I believe there is much that can be gained from offering both conventional or alternative treatments to patients.

Adel Heine

Healthy food for online shoppers

The logical step was to let the NGS evolve into an online business where people can browse through the products and learn about their benefits, place their orders and receive them at their homes at their convenience.

Adel Heine

Ashtanga yoga in Cairo

For me, teaching the Mysore method is about empowerment of the person who practices. You become aware of your own body, you get over your self-consciousness and the practice is a form of mental hygiene.

Adel Heine

Lady Colleen Heller

Healing course begins

Unfortunately some people will not admit that the talent of a practitioner lies in knowing the knowledge of how to become such a conduit – ego does not exist in the practice.

Adel Heine

With the influx of alternative approaches to healing a new profession is introduced to Egypt: the Doula.

Doula, the woman who serves

The Greek word doula literally means ‘a woman who serves’. It is an accurate description of what a Doula does; she assists a woman mentally, emotionally and physically through the process of labour and birth.

Adel Heine

Feed your soul at Nūn

What makes Nun different is how we approach healing, we are creating a holistic community of soul enrichment, and aspire to feed the soul before having to treat it.

Rana Muhammad Taha

Vannier and Trujillo during the training of volunteers.

“Hypnosis: revolution of the mind”

People who are experiencing trauma or who are in shock are per definition in a state of trance. This means they are in a suggestible state and the words that are spoken to them will have a deep and long lasting effect. When dealing with people in an emergency situation the way they are addressed is of enormous importance.

Adel Heine

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