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1.5m treated for hepatitis C by end of 2017

Health Minister Ahmed Emad El-Din said that Egypt treated 1.5 million citizens infected with hepatitis C by the end of 2017. This came during his speech at the inauguration of a number of development projects in Menoufiya in the presence of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi. “During 14 months, we completed check-ups for 5 million …

Nihal Samir

WHO celebrates World Antibiotics Awareness Week in Cairo

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is celebrating the World Antibiotics Awareness Week from 13 to 19 November, in its regional office in Cairo, with the theme of this year’s campaign, “seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before taking antibiotics”. The aim of the campaign is to advocate for the proper and responsible use of …

Daily News Egypt

India’s war on tobacco and industry woes

India’s top court has ruled that tobacco companies must display larger health warnings on cigarette packs, giving a boost to the government’s latest move to reduce smoking and curb tobacco-related illnesses. DW examines.

Deutsche Welle

Hydrate, detox with infused water

Hydrate, detox with infused water

With the excessive amount of toxins our bodies absorb every day, cleansing your body and flushing out those toxins is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Not having the time may be a barrier to seeing this through for most of us. But by detoxing while drinking your daily intake of water, it is doable. …

Rana Ashraf


Sleep deprivation: it is more serious than you think

In today’s world, with our days going crazy as usual, not getting enough sleep is a serious problem. And it is more serious than you think. Some people think that depriving yourself of a couple of hours’ sleep for the sake of achieving more is alright. But when it comes to your chores and responsibilities, …

Rana Ashraf