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Hydrate, detox with infused water

Hydrate, detox with infused water

With the excessive amount of toxins our bodies absorb every day, cleansing your body and flushing out those toxins is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Not having the time may be a barrier to seeing this through for most of us. But by detoxing while drinking your daily intake of water, it is doable. …

Rana Ashraf


Sleep deprivation: it is more serious than you think

In today’s world, with our days going crazy as usual, not getting enough sleep is a serious problem. And it is more serious than you think. Some people think that depriving yourself of a couple of hours’ sleep for the sake of achieving more is alright. But when it comes to your chores and responsibilities, …

Rana Ashraf

Beat acne, the right way

Acne usually starts at puberty and may continue into adulthood. Many acne-sufferers will find their skin calms down by age 25, but often, adult acne does not emerge until the mid-twenties, even if someone has had clear skin most of their life.

Dr. Hanan Elkahky

Your child’s first visit to the dentist

A paediatric dentist should know how to deal with the child according to his intellectual maturity level, in order to make him cooperative enough during his dental visit while simultaneously comforting the anxious parents and giving them the best available treatment options

Hend Khaled Samir