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Opinion| Ethiopia and the inevitable confrontation

The Ethiopian system is still in an unprecedented state of fragility because tribalism and ethnic quotas rule the country. The current scene in Addis Ababa is the product of a long history of political crises that have accumulated over the past decades. Indeed, the problem is extremely complex, and there are no pre-prepared solutions to …

Dr. Hatem Sadek

Is China ramping up military spending?Chinese armed forces: People's Liberation Army (PLA) during a military parade in China.

GLOBALink | Is China ramping up military spending?

A draft budget report submitted to China’s top legislature has unveiled the country’s planned military spending for the coming year. In 2021, China’s defense budget will be around 1.35 trillion yuan (about 200 billion U.S. dollars), up 6.8 percent from last year. Is China’s military spending too hefty? Is the figure growing too fast? Is …