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National rail head fired over train tragedy

Train collides with tractor: two injured CAIRO: The national rail chief has been sacked over a train crash that left 58 people dead, officials said Tuesday, as the press lashed out at the government over the latest transport disaster. Transport Minister Mohammed Mansour announced that Hanafy Abdel-Qawi had been fired and his deputy Eid Mahran …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

"Get rid of Israel" says leading opposition figure

CAIRO: A leading Egyptian opposition figure on Monday called on Arabs to take up the noble cause of eliminating Israel, while praising Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. The key result of [Nasrallah s] victory was to give back confidence to the Arab nation to establish its proper agenda … that is …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Triple birthday

  ŠΘ # # # They threw a big party throughout the day at Coco Cabana in Marina on the North coast where friends of all ages enjoyed the party, here, Yasmina and Zeina # # The birthday boys blowing out the cake

Daily Star Egypt Staff

1,300 Egyptian police beef up Gaza-Egypt border

ISMAILIA: Egypt has deployed 1,300 civilian police officers to beef up security along the Gaza-Egypt border over fears Palestinian militants might attempt to breach the frontier, Egyptian officials said on Monday. The officials, a security source and a border official, said roughly 200 police officers had deployed on Saturday, and the remainder was sent on …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Iraqis turn to technology for freedom of speech

Bloggers provide a different take on events within Iraq CAIRO: Mohammed, an Iraqi blogger, came to Egypt to participate in a seminar and talk about his blog and his success in voicing his opinions through it. Full of hope, he talked on and on about freedom and development in his country. Naming his blog Iraq …

Maram Mazen

The boomerang effect

The Bush Administration’s policies in the Middle East were originally sold as a means of encouraging democracy. What they’re actually doing is fostering a growing pan-Islamicism The Bush administration calls it the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), a frighteningly deceptive misnomer for a policy that does little to foster real partnership, substantially more to alienate. …

Daily News Egypt

Puppet play dramatizes life on the street

“El-Masoura El-Kabeera focuses on society’s reaction to street children CAIRO: Seven little children, who consider the street their home, are the lead characters in “El-Masoura El-Kabeera, a puppet play produced by Mohamed Abd El-Moniem El-Sawy. In the play, society never serves as either a support or a guide to change their immoral thoughts. Concentrating on …

Daily News Egypt

Local cultural scene takes an active role in aiding war torn Lebanon

CAIRO: With the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah now stopped due to a recent cease-fire, attention has been shifted to ways in which to help the devastated Lebanese economy and its people. The local cultural scene has decided to try to play a part in helping out. Five individuals got together and decided to organize …

Farah El Alfy

Government announces public-private partnership to build schools

Public tenders for 50 schools to be held next month CAIRO: The Ministry of Finance has announced the initiation of a new public-private partnership (p.p.p.) to build 50 elementary and secondary schools in 11 governorates in an attempt to meet the president s campaign promise of introducing 3,500 new schools into the system by 2011. …

Ahmed A. Namatalla

Football News

Tanta stadium given the clearance By Amro Hassan Gharbeya governorate approved holding the Tanta-Mahalla game at Tanta club stadium in the third week of the Egyptian League. Following a meeting between Gharbeya governor and security officials in the city, Tanta have been given the clearance to play their home League games at the Tanta stadium. …

Washington, D.C. based Cato Institute starts a new program in the region

CAIRO: The Cato Institute, a non-profit public policy research foundation headquartered in Washington, D.C. and founded in 1977, has started a new program in the Middle East, Misbah Al-Hurriyya (The Lamp of Liberty). The institute promotes libertarianism, advocating individual liberty, limited government, free market and the rule of law. It also seeks to broaden the …

Maram Mazen

Al-Ahram denies censoring Web sites

CAIRO: Al-Ahram officials have denied claims that the institution intentionally blocked certain Web sites as a form of censorship, blaming a system crash for the misunderstanding. Earlier this month, news circulated that the publishing house had blocked several opposition Web sites, including the increasingly popular and controversial Web logs (blogs). All sites tied to the …

Sarah El Sirgany

Train crash kills dozens, injures more than 100

QALYOUB, Egypt: A train crash killed and injured dozens of people in a Nile Delta town north of Cairo on Monday in Egypt s worst rail disaster for four years. Casualty figures varied widely. The health minister put the toll at 58 dead and 143 injured. A security source had earlier said up to 80 …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Press Round-up: Steps taken to heal Arab rift over Lebanon

CAIRO: Headlines of national newspapers are centering on President Hosni Mubarak’s meetings with the princes of Qatar and Kuwait, along with his talks with several Arab heads, including Syrian diplomats. The leaders convened for an emergency meeting in Egypt, discussed aid to Lebanon and reconstruction, as well as “Arab unity. The headlines feature reassurances of …

Pakinam Amer

Wedding bliss

  ŠΘ # # # Mr. and Mrs. Zein El Sadat and their daughter Manal El Sadat # # The wedding was lots of fun, and all her close friends were wearing fuchsia dresses, here are Alia and Jailan

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Judges threaten to boycott upcoming elections

Judges’ Club protests proposed constitutional amendment CAIRO: Egyptian judges have announced their decision to abstain from their task as election supervisors if the government refuses to grant them unrestricted oversight of the election process. Nevertheless, the decision is clearly provisional, constituting more of threats, as some reports have chosen to put it, one provoked by …

Pakinam Amer

Summer wedding

  ŠΘ # # # The venue was the garden of his villa in Cairo, here, Sherif Ramzy and Menna Fahmy # # The cozy wedding was made up of intimate friends and family, who danced all night celebrating the bride and groom, here are Tolya, Basant and Nermine

Daily Star Egypt Staff

An evening at the theater

CAIRO: This week, the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo will host the 5th annual “Independent Theatre Festival, featuring works by theatrical and musical troupes from August 20 to August 24. The troupes are among the 60 members of The Association of the Studies and Training of the Free Theater Troupes. Mohammed Abdul Khaliq, arts office Ddrector …

Daily News Egypt

Stocks rise ahead of Orascom Telecom results

CAIRO: Stocks rose on Sunday, led by rising interest in Orascom Telecom on optimism over an expected rise in the company s net profit for the first half of 2006, traders said. The market went up today basically on the back of OT, which rallied and carried a lot of weight, and this is related …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Interbank rate drops to 8.35 percent

CAIRO: The median overnight interbank rate on the pound fell on Sunday to 8.35 percent from Thursday s 8.397 percent as banks shunned the market in favor of high-yielding central bank instruments, traders said. Today I noticed there are no auctions to cause a drop in liquidity. But the impact of last week s auctions …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

New investors join investment wing of CIB

CAIRO: Investors including businessman Naguib Sawiris are pooling their investment banking and brokerage operations with Commercial International Bank (CIB), a statement said on Sunday. Sawiris and Oasis Capital will buy equity in Commercial International Capital Holding (CICH), which owns CIB s brokerage, asset management and investment banking operations. Sawiris is chairman of regional mobile phone …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

New Consumer Protection Law in effect today

Raising awareness the first major challenge for NGOs CAIRO: More than 60 consumer protection NGOs will begin implementation of the country s first consumer protection law today. Ratified in May, the law requires businesses to accept returns and exchanges within 14 days as long as a receipt is presented, and stipulates fines from LE 5,000 …

Ahmed A. Namatalla

Hundreds of Palestinians wait to cross into Gaza as border passage opens

Associated Press RAFAH: The Egypt-Gaza border crossing opened Saturday, giving hundreds of stranded Palestinians the chance to return to the Gaza Strip for the first time in a month. Egyptian tourism police Capt. Amr Osama said the crossing will be open for two days in both directions. Several hundred Palestinians gathered in front of the …

Daily News Egypt

Seventeen members of Muslim Brotherhood detained

CAIRO: Security forces detained 17 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday, security sources said, in a fresh step targeting the country s strongest opposition movement. The sources said the Brotherhood members were arrested at a home in Manoufiya province north of Cairo. They said authorities found anti-government books and pamphlets in the home. …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Egypt warns against any military strike on Iran

CAIRO: President Hosni Mubarak warned against any military strike on Iran in an interview published on Saturday. The United Nations Security Council has demanded Iran suspend uranium enrichment by the end of the month after Tehran failed to persuade the international community its atomic scientists were working on power stations, not bombs. Washington has declined …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

The bigger the better

Belated but certainly in need, will be Egypt’s upcoming financial assistance to Lebanon. Egypt and Lebanon will play a friendly football match on Sept. 5 in Cairo, the proceeds of which will go to the reconstruction of Lebanon which has been blitzed by Israel for 32 days. More officially, Egypt is to play Burundi, a …

Alaa Abdel-Ghani