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Time for Brazil

On Thursday, brace yourselves, because the football feast will start at the nation where football has been always at its best: Brazil.

Fady Ashraf

Out of the shadows: Young players set to shine at 2014 World Cup

In less than a month, all eyes across the globe will be on Brazil for the World Cup. Every four years, football addicts worldwide share new tactics, squad lists, expectations and hopes. Amid all the obvious gems, it’s worth searching for those young players who might not yet have the crown of stardom around their …

Fady Ashraf

The Rise of the Minnows

Egyptian football has been deeply affected by the political and social events that stormed the country since the 25 January 2011 Revolution, especially by the Port Said massacre, which occurred on 1 February 2012, where 72 Al-Ahly supporters were killed in the Port Said stadium by Al-Masry fanatics. However, Egyptian football is trying to recover, …

Fady Ashraf