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Latest in Tag: 2011

The post-2011 Arab World: change is the name of the game

Common wisdom has it that ultimately failed or troubled popular revolts in 2011 in the Middle East and North Africa have sparked bloody civil wars and violent extremism, and given autocracy a new lease on life. Indeed, there is no denying that a brutal civil war in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands and dislocated …

James Dorsey

Al-Sisi’s defective political reality

“Al-Sisi is a must” was the argument made by his presidential campaign in an effort to offset the absence of political or economic programmes from his campaign platform. After more than 20 months in power, the harsh realities of Al-Sisi have spoken more clearly than any programmes or announcements could have ever done. Al-Sisi’s supporters, …

Mohammed Nosseir

What they are trying to kill

Many young Egyptians dream of a better life. The trouble is that most want to achieve it by leaving Egypt; this was not always the case. In 2011, many youths living comfortably abroad decided to dream of a better Egypt, not just by wishing it but by risking their lives and careers and coming back …

Wael Eskandar

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