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Egypt Year in Review 2015

The year 2015 brought welcome stabilisation and recovery to Egypt, after a difficult post-revolutionary period marked by continued upheaval and sluggish growth. The first part of the year saw a range of encouraging developments, including the completion of the strategically vital Suez Canal expansion, the commitment of more than $35bn in planned foreign investments, closer …

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The transformation to a more sustainable and just world begins now

 Ask anyone for their abiding memory of 2015 and they will most likely recall a negative one. Some will recall the horrifying stories of death and destruction caused by conflicts around the world, most notably in Syria where over 250,000 people have lost their lives and almost 11 million people have been displaced. Others will …

Mogens Lykketoft

Djokovic and Williams: Kings of tennis in 2015

Serbian Novak Djokovic ended the season in the top ranks for tennis players in 2015, repeating his achievements during ATP world tour of 2014. Djokovic achieved more than one championship this year, adding several new records to his already admirable profile. He won the Australian Open championship for the fifth time to become the player …

Daily News Egypt

Leading boxers’ death in 2015

The world mourned when professional US boxer of Yemeni descent, Hamzah Aljahmi, passed away during a tournament in Connecticut in the US. Aljahmi, 19, collapsed after he received a direct hit to his head during an opening match in Ohio on 19 December that caused him to bleed internally. He died at St. Elizabeth Hospital …

Daily News Egypt

Runoff elections, a curse to our democracy!

In the aftermath of an election, nations that seek continuous improvement would sit back and reflect on lessons that can be learnt from such an event. The actual exercise of decision-making, where the state calls upon the people to partake in the process, is a mini course in the fundamentals of democratic practices. And as …

Robert Boulos

A celebration for democracy…or is it?

It is without a doubt that the 2015 Egyptian parliamentary elections are a step forward for Egypt’s political progression, especially when compared to previous elections, if previous elections are something worth comparing. Many honourable candidates who have won a seat in the Egyptian chamber of legislation have described this election as a “celebration for democracy”, …

Robert Boulos

How does the ‘Family of 1952’ perceive ‘the people’? (Part 1)

The initial results announced at the end of the first day in the first round of the 2015 parliamentary elections revealed that turnout did not exceed 2.7%. This was according to official sources, and from inside the electoral commission, as well as from inside the different polling stations. It was clear through the satellite channels …

Farid Zahran

Cricket World Cup 2015

Fourteen teams are participating in the 11th Cricket World Cup hosted by Australia and New Zealand, which began on 14 February and will continue until 29 March.  The teams will play a total of 49 matches in 14 different cities. Australian playing fields will host 26 matches in seven cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, …

Daily News Egypt

Formula 1 schedule for 2015 published

Chief Executive of Formula One Group, Bernie Ecclestone, included Korea in the race schedule for legal reasons, since the race organisers could have filed a suit against Formula 1 in case the racetrack was not included in the calendar, as per a contract which ends in 2016.

Daily News Egypt

Civil society workers ask for freedom, end of threats

Following the ministry’s decision, 29 NGOs responded through a joint statement announcing their rejection of the law, as it “allows the administrative authority to severely interfere with the NGOs’ affairs, objecting and cancelling their decisions, and ignoring their independence”.

Menna Zaki

Year End 2014: The people’s demands for 2015

Over the past weeks, Daily News Egypt has interviewed Egyptians from all walks of life and is reporting their expectations and demands for the year 2015, in an effort to contribute to an open debate about the challenges the country is facing. This special issue comes at a critical time. Since the ousting of Islamist …

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