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Latest in Tag: 25 January revolution

Youth: a compass for democratic change

In the time of the Muslim Brotherhood, I met with one of their leaders, who was the secretary general of the Pharmacists Syndicate in one of the governorates adjacent to the capital. I asked him about the reasons for their aggression against the media and the disputes with the judiciary, the police, and the army …

Emad El-Sayed

Egyptian banks emerge as net winners post-25 January Revolution

Financial Times—Egyptian banks emerged as net winners after the 25 January Revolution in 2011 on significant net interest margin (NIM) expansion, supported by record-high treasury yields over 2012-2016. For the past six years, banks have been channeling excess liquidity to treasury investments. As such, banks’ treasury investments reached circa 45% of assets as of mid-2016 …

Daily News Egypt

The Egyptian opposition and the illusion of the ‘unknown’ revolution

It seems that nearly seven years after the 25 January Revolution, some forces, elites, and platforms still have not absorbed the learned lessons. They have not given themselves the chance to reconsider their options in terms of dealing with the developments of the Egyptian political situation, as well as its security and objective aspects. Moreover, …

Walaa Gad Elkarim

Former head of judges’ club forced into retirement

The Supreme Judicial Council’s disciplinary board issued a final decision on Monday to force prominent reformist judge and former head of the Judges’ Club Zakaria Abdul Aziz into retirement for his involvement in storming a State Security office in 2011. The board rejected an appeal filed by Abdul Aziz after a first degree disciplinary board …

Daily News Egypt

The revolution’s ghetto

This is an uncomfortable topic. Over the past five years, the meaning, significance, and purpose of the 25 January Revolution has been constantly debated and revised. Egypt has transformed from a country festering with mass celebrations in February 2011 to one plagued with fear and uncertainty in February 2016. Sometimes, I think  we ought to …

Ziad A. Akl

Al-Sisi’s defective political reality

“Al-Sisi is a must” was the argument made by his presidential campaign in an effort to offset the absence of political or economic programmes from his campaign platform. After more than 20 months in power, the harsh realities of Al-Sisi have spoken more clearly than any programmes or announcements could have ever done. Al-Sisi’s supporters, …

Mohammed Nosseir

The mirage of transitional justice in Egypt

The 25 January Revolution in 2011 and the 30 June uprising in 2013 reflected one of the noblest and most peaceful events, in which the Egyptian youth led the revolutionary vanguard, overcoming the restrictions surrounding them. The youth were inspired by the developments of the modern world and the tools of communication, which enabled them …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

Happy New Year

Some may disagree with the title of this article, whether they think I mean the past year or the new one. In fact, I am talking about both years. As one of the people from the film industry, I can say they are indeed two happy years, not just one. A quick tour of Egyptian cinema …

Mohamed Abdel Kareem

Reading through Egyptian parliamentary elections

By Ayman Okeil The first phase of the Egyptian parliamentary elections ended but its implications and repercussions are not over yet. The societal debate about its positives and negatives will remain in place for weeks to come at least. The most important thing is that this debate is free of traditional accusations that characterised the …

Daily News Egypt