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A jihadi in the making

We used to work together in the same company during the 25 January Revolution, a genius upper-middle class young man in his mid-twenties and I was his manager. We would run into each other in Tahrir Square chanting the same slogans of “bread, freedom and social justice”, and carrying the same banners demanding change. After …

Rana Allam

Egypt’s anti-democratic trajectory

By Wael Eskandar What’s happening in Egypt now is beyond dangerous for those willing to think it through. At first glance, the overwhelming support for President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi caused observers to envisage a stable outlook towards the country’s future. After all, Egyptians are willing to endure dire economic conditions because of their trust in …

Daily News Egypt


2 February: Who let the camels out?

  Egypt’s 25 January Revolution left Egypt’s modern history with many unanswered questions. Who opened the prisons and released scores of prisoners? Who torched police stations? Where did the police go on the night of 28 January? Who were the thousands of armed men who attacked protesters in Tahrir Square on 2 February, 2011? Or, …

Adham Youssef


In Pictures: Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh shot in protest

During a small protest of the Socialist Popular Alliance in downtown Cairo on Saturday 24 January, 31-year-old Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh was shot with birdshot in the back. She was taken to the hospital, where she died later that day. According to the photographer and numerous eyewitnesses, it was the security forces firing the bullets that killed Al-Sabbagh. …

Daily News Egypt