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In Pictures: 25 January 2016, Yet another militarised response to dissenting protest

  Amid heavy security presence throughout the country, minor anti-government protests continue to be violently dispersed throughout Monday. No casualties have been reported at this time. Protesters affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood have taken to the streets in small groups in several governorates since Sunday night, defying security forces deployed throughout the country in anticipation …

Daily News Egypt

Lessons learned from 25 January

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, the greatest thing that Egyptians came together, even if some people hate this. Irrespective of the attempts of some to undermine it, or compare it to other incidents, the effect that the revolution left on Egyptians cannot be compared to that of any other incident. …

Mohamed Abdel Kareem

Defining 25 January

I kneeled down to the floor, knees pressed hard to the floor, tears of rebirth rolling down my cheeks, forehead to the parquet, in prayer: Mubarak was leaving. The reaction was not unique. That day, throughout the country, while some of Hosni Mubarak’s supporters’ cried tears of sadness, millions let loose screams of freedom and …

Amr Khalifa