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Morsi and Sisi: Against both!

On 30 June I was suffering from a dislocated shoulder, which is quite painful by the way. However, I managed to make it to Kasr El Nile Bridge and join an anti-Morsi demonstration. Getting rid of Morsi and everything that he represented was certainly a pleasant thought that I was willing to do anything to …

Ziad A. Akl

What are the inner makings of Egypt’s democracy movement? (Part 1 of 2)

In order to answer this question regarding the future of Egypt‚Äôs democracy movement, we must first stop and look at the parties that make up its internal structure. This will require that we analyse in detail each party within the movement, in order to evaluate their performance and measure their strength in comparison to other …

Farid Zahran

What are the political factions currently operating within Egypt?

All political systems throughout the world must include large, dominant political parties, and small, opposition parties. These parties must be rooted in legitimacy and capable of engaging in dialogue regarding the foundations of political life and the relationship that exists between citizens and the state. Such dialogue is successful when it is rooted in specific …

Farid Zahran

Editor’s letter: Unsustainable return of Mubarak’s state

Hosni Mubarak is out of Tora prison and placed under ‚Äúhouse arrest‚ÄĚ in a military hospital in Cairo. Some Egyptians take this development to the extreme and pessimistically claim Mubarak is back to power, which is definitely more of a desperate joke than anything else. Simply, both politically and physically it is unfeasible to even …

Maher Hamoud

Mohamed ElBaradei and Egyptian politics can’t see eye to eye

By Mohammed Nosseir Mohamed ElBaradei, who recently resigned as interim vice-president ending his political career in my opinion, had been the most controversial Egyptian politician in the last few years, and will remain a debatable figure for a good time to come. ElBaradei, who had intended to live his life after retirement away from politics, …

Daily News Egypt

ElBaradei Exhumed

After his recent untimely resignation, it is fair to say that we have seen the end of Egyptian law scholar and diplomat Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei‚Äôs career in public service. Now, in the eyes of different people, ElBaradei is seen to be as much of a prodigy as he is seen to be a traitor. We …

Dr Mohamed Fouad


Sherif Adel is a Cairo based cartoonist and dentist. Running his online comics blog and working on his first graphic novel.

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