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What’s after 30 June?

Analysing the current political scene is quite difficult, because things are happening very fast, and predictions that are to be published in two-days time might turn out to be far from reality. Despite the difficulty, I am bound to present an analytic reading of the situation, hoping that this reading would succeed in presenting an …

Farid Zahran

If they only read their history

By Inji Mounib History is always repeating itself in all possible ways, a fact that we are aware of and a truth proven throughout time in Egypt and around the globe. Mostly historians realise this, but we all like to talk about it. Going back in history, the 80 long years since the establishment of …

Daily News Egypt

Flashback: 11 February 2011

It is normal for an individual, especially from the younger generations, to have a memory slate that involuntarily and regularly wipes itself clean. Unfortunately, I have one of those memories, leaving me sometimes unaware of things that happened not so long ago. On the other hand, it is abnormal for an entire nation of 83 …

Dahlia Kholaif

Press Release: Baseera Center Opinion Poll for Al-Hayat Channel One year of Morsi and the Brotherhood’s rule

Around 63% of Egyptians believe that their living conditions are now worse than they were at the start of President Mohammed Morsi’s tenure.

Half of all Egyptians believe there has been foreign interference in Egypt’s internal policies by other nations during the first year of the president’s tenure.

59% of Egyptians believe that the country would be in a better state had the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces remained in power.

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: Tahrir square continues to rebel

Protesters continued to flock to Tahrir square demanding the removal on President Mohamed Morsi. Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign, Al-Dostor party and Al-Tiar Al-Sha’aby among other political groups called upon the people to remain in the different squares across the country, until their demands are met Photos by Aaron T. Rose

Daily News Egypt

Sustenance on the streets

As many people in the country are out on the streets to express their opinion on the president and the government, a subculture of vendors arises with them, providing much needed sustenance to the protesters.

Daily News Egypt

So, what’s next?

Good Morning Egypt… So, 30 June arrived, and as anticipated, it was spectacular. What could only be described as an endless sea of people swarmed Egypt’s streets, showcasing a flood of flags and red cards to “President” Mohamed Morsi and his beloved Muslim Brotherhood. The infighting between different factions in the marches was nonexistent, while …

Mahmoud Salem

Sofa so good

By Philip Whitfield La Jolie Plage North Coast (30 June.) Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, and the riff raff at the back, welcome to the Couch Party annual general meeting. Or as my wife put it when she sent me packing, welcome to the Couch Grouse. Founders of civilisation, interim riparian cotenants of …

Daily News Egypt

Gods and generals

As I write this article, 30 June has just begun: people are waving Egyptian flags and happily going about their day, Tahrir square is filled to the brim hours before marches are scheduled to begin, and El-Merghany street leading up to the presidential palace is already closed off. On my way to work, I noticed …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Op-Ed review: Morsi’s speech and the meaning of rebellion

One columnist reviews Morsi speech, while the other explains why a rebellion is different from a revolution. Suleiman Shafiq It is time for the Muslim Brotherhood to leave Al-Watan Newspaper Columnist Suleiman Shafiq begins his article with an experience he had on the night of President Mohamed Morsi’s latest speech. “Morsi ended his speech. I …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Morsi Challenged

Thousands fill squares across the country, and surround the presidential palace, joined in outcry against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi

Basil El-Dabh